20 Seasons Highlights Countdown: Major Traditions

Wednesday, March 16, 2022
By Kyle Dawson
20 Seasons Highlights Countdown: Major Traditions

In 2022, the Washington Wild Things are celebrating their 20th Frontier League season. The team will be celebrating in numerous ways Opening Weekend, beyond that and in several other ways. As part of our celebration, we're counting down some of the historical highlights the organization and team has seen occur over the first 19 seasons of Wild Things' baseball in the league. 

The countdown isn't in any specific order in terms of importance, but it's time we visit some of the best on-field moments, significant historical accomplishments, records, traditions and more. 

Plans for the celebration of the 20th season of Frontier League baseball for the Washington Wild Things are still in the works and whenever they get announced, you can rest assured the party will not stop all season long with the festivities kicking off May 13-15 with Opening Weekend. 


This week, we discuss and visit the major traditions we have at the ballpark. The say may go "stop us if you've heard this before," but chances are you have, so you don't get to stop us for this. Let's begin.

Some of the traditions that aren't necessarily unique to Wild Things Park but do aid the experience at the ballpark are kids run the bases and the autograph sessions at the ballpark on Kids Days. And it's not only really that. Something else fans get that relates to that experience is a close-knit relationship with the players before and after games. You'll find kids playing catch with a Wild Things' player before the game from the front row, or you'll see players stopping to talk to season-ticket members or fans and friends along the first-base line wall after the game has ended. These seem like little things, but they help to make the nights of the youngest fans and those small interactions can sometimes add to the tradition that is the experience of a Wild Things' game. 

One of the big traditions at the ballpark is Sweetheart of the Night. Over the years, it's been presented by our friends at Malone's Flower Shop in Canonsburg. Wild Thing or a member of the street team will walk through the crowd and pick out a lucky fan that is that night's sweetheart of the night and that fan receives a beautiful bouquet of flowers courtesy of Malone's. 

Another tradition you may be able to recite with us:

Ladies and gentlemen may I have your attention please. We have a very serious situation to address. Will the owner of the car with the license plate ___ report to guest services immediately. The Pennsylvania State Police and the North Franklin Township Police are in the building, and they have said that you *audible pause* have the dirtiest car in the parking lot!

The crowd would get quiet for the beginning of that before laughter followed once the fans who weren't aware of what was going on realized what was going on. Maybe even a little panic set in for the owner of the car that was chosen that day for Isiminger's Dirtiest Car in the Parking Lot. The "winner" received a free car wash at Isiminger's for the promotion each night. 

Milk and cookies time is extremely popular at Wild Things Park, though it hasn't caught on many other places, if any at all. Every night, fans can line up and purchase a cookie and milk package for just a buck. It's the best deal in the Frontier League! You may say, "it's just milk and cookies," but don't say it too loud. Fans line up in droves for the promotion. Sometimes the line goes the whole way to the picnic area down the third-base line for the promotion run from behind the home-plate net. Think about it... $1... a carton of milk... cookies... at a baseball game. If you haven't tried it at the ballpark yet, you better do it.

Last, but certainly not least, is a tradition unlike any other at the ballpark. For the regulars, they almost read it with the public address and video board. Let us set the stage...

The crack of the bat sounds but instead of the ball going into play, it leaves the playing field in the air and leaves the stadium... then you hear it. The glass shatters. "Uh oh. Another broken windshield... looks like another customer is headed to Pro-Tech Auto Glass."

It may be small, but it sticks in your head as a fan at the ballpark. If you remember nothing else that was played over the speakers, it's likely you'll remember that. And trust this writer, every time a ball goes out of the stadium at any stadium, it's engrained in my mind and is said often. 

What are some of the traditions you love about the ballpark? Let us know on social media and we'll share some of them!


To keep up with the countdown, see below for trips back in the past to our previous three stops on the countdown. Stay glued to our social media, website and more for more information regarding our big plans for the 20 Seasons Anniversary celebration, because it's sure to be wild. We're giving you the presents, the parties, the fun and more as a thanks for your support over the years and the support we know will continue to be shown to us. 

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