Traditional & Unique Marketing Opportunities

Partners of the Wild Things are invited to take advantage of the ballpark’s environment to showcase and focus on their product or service. Reach our fans at concourse displays and booths, bring your mascot, offer samples to our fans, host contests and live demonstrations….. Use Wild Things Park as your marketing platform!

Promotions & Giveaways

Wild Things’ Partners can use promotions and giveaways to brand their products. … Sponsor a fireworks show or a giveaway item to connect with Wild Things fans and receive thousands of impressions before and during the event. Benefits include:

Videoboard and In-game Promotions

Between Inning Promotions

Ballpark Signage Comes in All Shapes and Sizes!

Field Signs offer your business branding with a pair of 2 x 40 signs – one on each base line. The signs are visible in the park and are often seen in media coverage of games.
Dugout Signs are placed on the home and away dugouts along the first and third baselines. These signs can be seen from every seat in the park, are visibile in broadcasts, and are in place for every event at the park.
Outfield billboards are highly visible and often appear in video, online and newspaper coverage of the game. The signs can be seen during other facility events such as concerts, charity events, amateur baseball and more. (8 x 16)
Bleacher Signs offer partners four signs for the price of one! These 4 x 16 banners sit atop the bleachers on both the right field and the left field sides of the stadium, and are double sided providing four images. They are highly visible to automobiles on Interstate 70 and they are up for other facility events.
Concourse Signs (4x4) are located throughout the bowl of the stadium and are often sold in pairs so that fans on both sides of the stadium can see them. These signs are up for all events.

Additional signage opportunities are available. Contact our front office today for more details!

Print and Media Opportunities

Broadcast Advertising offers consistency and flexibility! Air your commercial during all 96 game broadcasts for the Wild Things. You can traffic your creative as you deem necessary and the Wild Things Broadcast will include you in bumps into and out of the broadcast. Other opportunities include sponsoring the Alumni Report, Keys to the Game, Call to the Bullpen, or the Injury Report.

The Game Day Program is issued free of charge to at least 1000 fans per game. The black and white ads come in full page, half page, and quarter page sizes. There are also a limited number of full page color ads in the program.

Website and Social Media Advertising are available with the Wild Things, who have a highly engaged group of fans who follow them on social media and visit the website often.


The Wild Things offer an affordable and entertaining way to treat your staff and your clients. Take advantage of season ticket packages, group packages, picnic packages and use of the suites. We can even rent you the park for a pre-game or non-game event. We will work with you to accommodate your event of any size and with any budget.

Join Us This Year!

Outside-the-box thinking is what works best for Wild Things’ partners. We will work with your team to identify how we can best brand your product. Whether it’s your logo on drinking cups, on the team’s uniforms, or a sandwich sign someone is wearing in the ballpark, the Wild Things will get your logo the greatest exposure possible.

We pride ourselves on working with our partners. We want to partner with you, so bring your ideas and let’s put something together!

Contact our front office today at 724-250-9555 for more details!